I made a download manager for Stepmania. It allows you to easily manage packs from different sources.
Current implemented sources are:
– R21 Dropbox
– NL Community host

The software allows you to make lists with packs. It will download and delete according to the selection.
If you find any bugs, leave a message!

One of the cool features is making lists, say if you are playing online you can prepare a list, have a friend install it. That way you can be sure you have the same songs available. You can even configure your system to use “Open With” for the application.

Notice: This does work on java, so make sure you have it installed: http://java.com/en/


– Added NL community host
– Removed SMO host (for now)
– Auto updater
– Moved ini to appdata

– Switched from Swing to JavaFX
– Integrated new design (thx Behy)
– Added ITG dropbox
– Cache loaded packs (reload by clicking: check for new packs)

– Cleaned code
– Fixed list not updating bugs
– Added new provider, all the ddrnl packs should be on there now :D


Windows: http://dutchrhythm.com/dlm/SM-DLM.zip
Multi platform: http://dutchrhythm.com/dlm/SM-DLM.jar