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Wapperende benen

After 2 years this beast is done.
A streamy pack combined with some technical and experimental stuff.
Suited for more experienced players who love some tempo. The banners indicate if it’s a technical or stream chart. Hope you enjoy playing!

  • 51 Songs
  • 38 Streamy
  • 13 Technical
  • Difficulty 9-20

Pack overview sheet Here:

Download Here:

Dutch Coast Stamina

By Fietsemaker

The deadline of the qualification period is closing in, so get in those scores as soon as possible. Those of you that already qualified (or are confident in qualifying soon) can start planning your session and practicing the tournament songs, because the song pack is up for grabs.

There’s 40 songs in total, and the difficulties range from 12 to 16 (with a heavy focus on 12-13).

Download link: https://mega.nz/#!px5zHADY!3KZB3G2-SEdz … 76c0CpDacI
Original forum post: https://www.ddrnl.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=239

Download manager

I made a download manager for Stepmania. It allows you to easily manage packs from different sources.
Current implemented sources are:
– R21 Dropbox
– NL Community host

The software allows you to make lists with packs. It will download and delete according to the selection.
If you find any bugs, leave a message!

One of the cool features is making lists, say if you are playing online you can prepare a list, have a friend install it. That way you can be sure you have the same songs available. You can even configure your system to use “Open With” for the application.

Notice: This does work on java, so make sure you have it installed: http://java.com/en/


– Added NL community host
– Removed SMO host (for now)
– Auto updater
– Moved ini to appdata

– Switched from Swing to JavaFX
– Integrated new design (thx Behy)
– Added ITG dropbox
– Cache loaded packs (reload by clicking: check for new packs)

– Cleaned code
– Fixed list not updating bugs
– Added new provider, all the ddrnl packs should be on there now :D


Windows: http://dutchrhythm.com/dlm/SM-DLM.zip
Multi platform: http://dutchrhythm.com/dlm/SM-DLM.jar


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