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AnimeCon 2022 packs

Enjoy the Light and Heavy competition packs used in the competitions of AnimeCon Classic 2022. These songs are not charted by us but collected from multiple ITG packs released in 2022.

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The files are now available to download and play.

   Pack Download

NLSRT 2022

The sight-reading tournament on the 26th of February held at The Games Guild.

Results of the tournament:

The files are now available to download and play.

   Pack Download

Wapperende benen

After 2 years this beast is done.
A streamy pack combined with some technical and experimental stuff.
Suited for more experienced players who love some tempo. The banners indicate if it’s a technical or stream chart. Hope you enjoy playing!

  • 51 Songs
  • 38 Streamy
  • 13 Technical
  • Difficulty 9-20

Pack overview sheet Here:

Download Here:


The tournament pack for the ITG Heavy competition of DDR-EXP V9 is up for grabs! If you are interested in joining (or just want to take a look) you can download the pack from the link below and practice the songs in advance to prepare for the competition. If you don’t have a place to play ITG you’re welcome to play at our location, The Games Guild, including during the event itself with all the other games!

Pack for download:!c8IBkQaJ!8X4zoTmiPVCj … wClQzJjIUg

DDR-EXP V9 Event:

Arrow vortex

ArrowVortex can be used to create or edit stepfiles for various rhythm games, such as DDR, ITG, PIU, Stepmania, and Osu. It started out as a hobby project for me, aiming to create a modern stepfile editor inspired by the designs of both DDReamStudio and the Stepmania editor. Through my own experiences as a stepfile artist and the feedback of many other players and stepfile artists in the rhythm game community, ArrowVortex has grown into a powerful editor that offers many nifty features to make stepfile editing more convenient, simple, and fun.

Download on official website:


Some of the features that ArrowVortex has to offer include:

– Automatic BPM/offset detection
– Automatic stream generation
– Automatic difficulty estimation
– Full editing history with undo/redo
– Dancing Bot: plays your charts using two virtual feet
– Powerful editing tools: copy/paste/mirror/expand/compress/etc.
– Scrollable minimap with chart preview, for easy navigation
– Built-in Ogg Vorbis conversion for MP3/WAV files
– Fully customizable shortcuts
– Customizable game styles and noteskins


Get ready because from here you’ll be able to start training for the DDR-EXP heavy ITG competition! All of you that want to compete, or just take a look. Here is the download link of our V8 competition pack. Like always everyone will have the ability to check out all the charts for preparation, so that everyone can have a great run.

If you don’t have a place to play it, you’re of course welcome to come check it out personally at our location. And of course at the event itself with all the other games!

DDR-EXP V7 Event:

Pack for download:…

Dutch Coast Stamina 2

Ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to present to you the DCS2 tournament pack. Together with the release of the tournament pack I’m also announcing a definite end date for the qualification period (see main post for details). If you want to participate, make sure you get your qualification submitted in time.

Like last time the pack contains 40 songs. This time there are 95 charts in total with difficulties ranging from 12 to 17. Compared to last time there is significantly more content in the higher difficulty range (16-17), so we’ll see how that works out for the tournament (I’m expecting good things to happen). Enjoy!

Download link:!l9hUUCJb!QcbSXGbcMgzg … 73r6-px6no

Full post:

ITG Eurocup 2018 Packs

This might be the most versatile tournament pack ever made for ITG EC; the 212 songs come from 109 different packs, and were made by 65 different stepartists. The song pack team worked very hard these last months to deliver recent, fun, and challenging charts for you to discover and enjoy. We hope you’ll have as much fun trying the pack as we had making it.


You can also download them separately:



Bram (Fietsemaker) en ik zullen dit jaar samen het Dance Dance Revolution / In The Groove Heavy toernooi hosten. Zoals iedere editie zal ook deze editie weer gebruikt gemaakt worden van een zorgvuldig gekozen selectie van custom songs. Dit jaar zijn we tot een selectie van 40 songs gekomen, beginnend vanaf 8 voeters tot en met 13 voeters.

Hierbij de volledige songlist, met onderaan een downloadlink. De stepcharts zijn compatible met Stepmania 3.95/OpenITG en Stepmania 5.

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Dutch Coast Stamina

By Fietsemaker

The deadline of the qualification period is closing in, so get in those scores as soon as possible. Those of you that already qualified (or are confident in qualifying soon) can start planning your session and practicing the tournament songs, because the song pack is up for grabs.

There’s 40 songs in total, and the difficulties range from 12 to 16 (with a heavy focus on 12-13).

Download link:!px5zHADY!3KZB3G2-SEdz … 76c0CpDacI
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