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Elex Pack stop V2

Another compilation of cool stepfiles with lots of hickups! (also way bigger then the previous)
This is just a collection, none of these are my files. Manually selected the best of the best bpm/stop gimick charts that i could find. Lots of variation, from really damn hard to playable for everyone :)

Happy stopping!
(Also available in download manager)

Elex Pack stop V2 – pad pack
Download the pack HERE:

Behy’s Fast Feet vol.2

The second edition of Fast Feet is done, hope you’ll enjoy!

Behy’s Fast Feet ITG pad pack
Download the pack HERE:

SM/lua + ITG/xml script templates

So I’ve been going at it for a while now, and with (lots of) help from Fietsemaker and Thumbsy I’ve been getting the hang of making scripted files in lua for StepMania and xml for In The Groove now.

I’ve uploaded some templates for typical thing one might want to do to add some spark to their simfiles. These templates by NO means dummy-proof, and will require at least sóme feeling for coding to make the most of it.

In the Template folder there are some topics with example scripts inside them. The .lua files are commented and explained. The .xml files are there to show how to do the same thing in xml. Translating from one to the other will take time, patience and practice but at least there are some examples.

Make sure to read the README files and name all files correctly, as well as paying attention to the song folder layout.

I’ll try to update the templates periodically and add new examples from time to time.

Muchos creditos to Fietsemaker and his seemingly infinite patience!
Disclaimer: I am by no means a great programmer, and though the provided templates all work, I’m sure there would have been a MUCH cleaner or better way to accomplish the same results.


logo ST-04

Download here:

Download manager

I made a download manager for Stepmania. It allows you to easily manage packs from different sources.
Current implemented sources are:
– R21 Dropbox
– NL Community host

The software allows you to make lists with packs. It will download and delete according to the selection.
If you find any bugs, leave a message!

One of the cool features is making lists, say if you are playing online you can prepare a list, have a friend install it. That way you can be sure you have the same songs available. You can even configure your system to use “Open With” for the application.

Notice: This does work on java, so make sure you have it installed:


– Added NL community host
– Removed SMO host (for now)
– Auto updater
– Moved ini to appdata

– Switched from Swing to JavaFX
– Integrated new design (thx Behy)
– Added ITG dropbox
– Cache loaded packs (reload by clicking: check for new packs)

– Cleaned code
– Fixed list not updating bugs
– Added new provider, all the ddrnl packs should be on there now :D


Multi platform:


Just-Fruit Noteskin

A skin for Stepmania, It changes your arrows into fruit.

Fruit basket:

  1. Apple
  2. Banana
  3. Pear
  4. Burger

Unzip the .rar file in youre StepMania\noteskins\dance folder and (re)start the game.
Download the noteskin HERE:

Casual Sightread V1

The Casual Sightread competition pack


  1. Badjas
  2. Beef
  3. Behy
  4. Fietsemaker
  5. Henno
  6. Jerros
  7. Kirituin
  8. Thumbsy

Every participant made a song for the rest to play.
Download the pack HERE:

Behy’s Fast Feet vol.1

The First edition of Fast Feet is done, hope you’ll enjoy!

Behy’s Fast Feet ITG pad pack
Download the pack HERE:

DDR-EXP V4 KeyboardCompo

The DDR-EXP Keyboard competition pack, played on V4


  1. Akubyou-taisan
  2. Bird Sprite -Awakening of Light-
  3. Critical Point
  4. Exciting Hyper Highspeed Star
  5. Hard work Princess
  6. Higashi no Kuni no Nemurenai Yoru
  7. Jersey Spirit
  8. Sonic 1 – Green Hills Act 2
  9. Tell Me Why
  10. Vendita di Magia

DDR-EXP V4 Keyboard Stepmania pack
Download the pack HERE:

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