8, eight editions one after the other you’ve come to celebrate the wonder that is rhythm games. We have to the the love hasn’t decreased a single bit
That’s why we’re hosting yet another one!

DDR-EXP v9, Hatsune Miku Sakura

This time we’ve taken a few of last times best games, and put a ring on them. We hope you’ll come to join us once again for a day filled with awesome rhythm gaming and top level competitions!
Come pick your poison (or try some new rhythm meth) July 13th.


Aaand the timetable has been put together! Be sure to take a good look so you can figure out what competitions to join and when to eat (location sells hot food as well).

time table-06

Tournament pack

The tournament pack for the ITG Heavy competition of DDR-EXP V9 is up for grabs! If you are interested in joining (or just want to take a look) you can download the pack from the link below and practice the songs in advance to prepare for the competition. If you don’t have a place to play ITG you’re welcome to play at our location, The Games Guild, including during the event itself with all the other games!

Download pack


Dont forget, in this form you’ll be able to sign up for the event, and it’s competitions. Even if you’re just planning on freely gaming all day, please submit the form!


We all know you probably have some love for music with rhythm, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. Here we’re giving you the chance to show off that love in either of your favorite games! We took some of the best games we have available, and put a competition for those who would like to join to measure where everyone is at.

The competition options are as follows:

  • In The Groove (ddr)
  • Pump It Up
  • Beatmania IIDX
  • Guitar Hero
  • Round Robin *
  • Smash *

The special options:

Round Robin: a competition spanning multiple different games for those who just like everything. You’ll play all games throughout the day and at the end the scores will be released.

Super Smash Bros: don’t feel like hitting buttons to music for a while? Then get to hitting button to kill each other with Nintendo’s collection of game characters. This is of course also great for people that come along that are not into rhythm games. But don’t be fooled this competition will not be that easy!


This time we have a special game available, the new generation dance game StepManiaX will be ready for you to play on during the event. Its an exclusive so don’t miss it!


You guys do like Pump It Up… but rather play on an arcade machine. We understand that! That’s why there will be a Pump It Up machine as well. Maximal skill at the competition with thanks to Pixel-Arcade .


In order to make sure you’ll have the best experience on every game, be sure to bring your own headphones. Most games will have a place you can plug in, just look for this sign. If you forgot yours, you can also go to the Action nearby that has earphones for 2 euro’s.
Not all games will have a headphone jack, f.e. dancing games. But we’re doing our best to enable as much as possible. This way nobody will interfere with each other