ArrowVortex can be used to create or edit stepfiles for various rhythm games, such as DDR, ITG, PIU, Stepmania, and Osu. It started out as a hobby project for me, aiming to create a modern stepfile editor inspired by the designs of both DDReamStudio and the Stepmania editor. Through my own experiences as a stepfile artist and the feedback of many other players and stepfile artists in the rhythm game community, ArrowVortex has grown into a powerful editor that offers many nifty features to make stepfile editing more convenient, simple, and fun.

Download on official website:


Some of the features that ArrowVortex has to offer include:

– Automatic BPM/offset detection
– Automatic stream generation
– Automatic difficulty estimation
– Full editing history with undo/redo
– Dancing Bot: plays your charts using two virtual feet
– Powerful editing tools: copy/paste/mirror/expand/compress/etc.
– Scrollable minimap with chart preview, for easy navigation
– Built-in Ogg Vorbis conversion for MP3/WAV files
– Fully customizable shortcuts
– Customizable game styles and noteskins