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Casual Sightread V1

The Casual Sightread competition pack


  1. Badjas
  2. Beef
  3. Behy
  4. Fietsemaker
  5. Henno
  6. Jerros
  7. Kirituin
  8. Thumbsy

Every participant made a song for the rest to play.
Download the pack HERE:

Behy’s Fast Feet vol.1

The First edition of Fast Feet is done, hope you’ll enjoy!

Behy’s Fast Feet ITG pad pack
Download the pack HERE:

DDR-EXP V4 KeyboardCompo

The DDR-EXP Keyboard competition pack, played on V4


  1. Akubyou-taisan
  2. Bird Sprite -Awakening of Light-
  3. Critical Point
  4. Exciting Hyper Highspeed Star
  5. Hard work Princess
  6. Higashi no Kuni no Nemurenai Yoru
  7. Jersey Spirit
  8. Sonic 1 – Green Hills Act 2
  9. Tell Me Why
  10. Vendita di Magia

DDR-EXP V4 Keyboard Stepmania pack
Download the pack HERE:

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